November 3, 2020

Minute by minute was the 2020 Summer of Covid really so bad?

Inga Paterson

High-resolution Giclée print of mixed-media illustration.Moments from Glasgow Green during the 2020 Summer of Covid, 202029.7 cm x 42 cm

Live with your head in a cloud of perpetual fear-based news and the world is a scary place. And yet, refocus minute by minute on everyday things and life is instantly gentler. Inner peace is only a thought away. We’ve faced extremes of anxiety and calm during the 2020 summer of Covid 19. Extreme concern propelled by the relentless news of the global pandemic and yet for many, (admittedly not all), the daily experience revolved around spending time enjoying simple pleasures. Home-cooked food, playing with the kids, exploring local areas, spending time in parks, taking time to stand and stare. Things we’d forgotten to appreciate in our hectic, frantic lives before Covid pressed the global pause button. This illustration of Glasgow Green captures tiny moments of life. The images satisfy our inner people watcher because even without facial expressions, we recognise a litany of thoughts happening in bodies. Glance at a posture, and we understand mood. Swaggering, strolling, strutting, sauntering, dawdling there are so many ways to walk. Glimmers into the lives of others leave us pondering their conversations, thoughts and daydreams and reflecting on our own. Minute by minute was the 2020 Summer of Covid really so bad?