January 12, 2019

Mental health: What do you really see?

Lynne Hunter


Mental health is an incredibly important topic and is constant battle for those who suffer from any of its forms but the stigma that surrounds it is also a constant battle. People are slowly becoming more open to speak about mental health which is fantastic but often in cases of suicide we hear from families and friends how those exact people “never showed any signs” or “I wish I understood the signs” this leads me to try focus people on reading between the lines because not everything is black and white, yes and no. Mental health is not that simple and if people are more aware of tell-tale signs and looking further into how someone speaks/behaves and changes in them then maybe, just maybe we can help more people and save more lives. I have suffered from mental health issues for 14 years of my life and only after 14 years did 1 doctor finally read between the lines and see that I had in fact been incredibly unwell for over half of my life and I don’t want that to happen to anyone else. It’s not right and it’s not fair. We are all humans and we all need help now and then.



Open your eyes
Open your minds
Then you’ll be wise
To read between the lines

To see that
Mental health doesn’t define
To combat
Stigma and be more inclined
To feel that
Urge to get behind
Helping people have peace of mind