October 31, 2020

Mental health: Am I trapped or finally breaking free?

Hannah Mills

Acrylics on CanvasExpressing your Inner World, 2020varies

This piece came to me during my mid twenties. In my early twenties I hit a wall mental health wise. Being an introvert, and not wonderful at communication – this was my way to express my inner world, my outlet. My way of showing how I was really feeling about everything, life! I felt stuck. At a crossroads. Too many choices, and a past that was haunting me lead me to feel trapped in my own body, mind-space. Being creative – the only way I had to “reach out” was through art. This piece is a result of thinking; When words escape you, you’re an introvert, and you see how difficult life can be when you’re an artist and the only means you have to express who you truly are, what you truly feel (your purest self) – if your way to escape – is through art, embrace it! EVERYONE needs an outlet. Embrace yours!