January 21, 2017

Meet You In The Sky

Calum Jones


I wrote it when I was 14, just after my dad and I had been in a car accident. We were very lucky, and relatively unhurt, but both very shaken up. It made me think about how the outcome could have been very different and how I would feel if a family member died.

The lyrics of the song are about the death of a father. The first two verses are from the perspective of the father who is talking to his son and trying to reassuring him that everything will be okay and that he is looking out for him. The third and fourth verses are then from the son’s perspective letting his father know how he feels and that it is not fair that he has been taken away from him. The song incorporates values from the Security and Kindness sections dealing with family security, sense of belonging, meaning in life, honesty and forgiveness. It particularly emphasises how insecure I felt at even the thought of losing a parent and how reassuring kind words and support can help us through tough times.