July 24, 2022

Meadow Nymph “Epimelid”

Saskia Robinson

CeramicMeadow Nymph Epimelid, 202220x20cm

This is a sculpture of a nymph of the meadows, she is a mythological figure and a protector of the natural world embodied in a human form. She represents a quiet and gentle moment of care and contemplation. She is stillness and sweetness and by no means a being from our time or world attempting to fit into into its velocity or modernity. But she persists as a story as a memory and guardian of nature from the past, which our modern world is in desperate need of. I deeply believe that sculpture should cause a viewer to slow down and sing you to sleep. A viewer should be emotionally moved by seeing an object that helps us understand the world around us, through stories and nature and seeing our own form, human bodies, represented. With this in mind with this sculpture I am attempting to express these ideas of connecting to and protecting the natural world through storytelling by sculpting human form to portray these feelings and connection to the past in modern times in a gentle and contemplative manner.

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