April 21, 2021

Maybe Looking Into It Will Tell You Something?

Diana Šaab

Digital Image, PhotographyLooking Into It, 2020

‘Microplastic pollution found near summit of Mount Everest’ –was the caption of the article. ‘Humans now known to have polluted Earth from deepest ocean to highest peak’ was one of the phrases that seemed striking to me, made me think about these problems again. Global warming, climate change, pollution – such common words I am so used to, but why do they feel so abstract to me? My whole life I have been taught to care about environmental problems, but I just never thought I am the one who could change something, my impact is useless. I knew about it, but never explored, never learned about these problems in depth, never looked into it. I do not even know why. So can this work be my first step towards creating something that matters? Something that can make a change? My work is just a few frozen umbrellas, pieces of plastic and fabric stuck in blocks of ice. At first glance I see it as just a pretty picture, maybe even something interesting to look at. Look at it closely, think about it. Maybe there is something more about this work? Maybe it has a story behind it? You make the