November 18, 2019

Mathematics; a formula for healing?

Heather Pearson, 43

What happens when there are limited spaces and times to talk about emotions and experiences, and how social structures we’ve created ensure victimhood is a place marginalised young people visit more than once?

You too? Mathematics breaks down the true story of a rape and how it impacts half a lifetime by dividing and multiplying personality, experiences, expectations and relationships in a society that will not yet hold responsible space for the outcomes created by damaging gender stereotypes.

Mathematics lays out the formulae for how one person journeys from childhood into adulthood with a secret stuffed so deeply into her bones even she cannot sense it, for a while. This story is important because it sheds nuanced light on how often we normalise gendered constructs around violence and emotion to the detriment of all living things. Additionally, Mathematics contains a paradox of beauty, strength and possibility within searing pain and an abstract analysis of accountability, including the idea that each of us can add infinitely to an indomitable spirit, given love, time and a view of the Milky Way.

Mathematics, 2019