When I was growing up, my family adopted a retired racer dog, called Lando. It had not occurred to me until recently, the pain that he had gone through in his lifetime. Many racer greyhounds are drugged, kept in cramped cages for most of the day, left with untreated injuries and thousands face euthanasia using captive bolt.
“Why is Lando so tired all the time” I remember asking my Dad. “He’s tired from working, dolly,” he would answer. One of my earliest, sad memories was learning that Lando had been shot by a local farmer because he was roaming his grounds.
My piece mainly explores mankind’s values of community and relationships through human interaction with K-9’s. He helped me understand and treasure the fact that as living things, we are naturally drawn to one another through love. However, Lando is a reminder to me that as human beings, we are quick to ostracise one another. He wasn’t an aggressive dog or something to place bets on, he was my friend and a lesson that we have a duty to try and understand each other so that we may enrich our own lives.


Lino Print