December 15, 2016

Make Three Wishes

Isobela Martin


This photo portrays a section of fence around the Church of Nosso Senhor do Bomfin, also known as Basílica Santuário do Senhor do Bonfim, in Salvador in the state of Bahia in Brazil – where half of my family is from. The gates and surrounding fences are covered in colourful ribbons and each knot you tie in a ribbon represents a wish you have. If you wear these ribbons on your wrist, like I do, they are to be worn until they fray and fall apart; should the knots be untied your wish will not be granted. All over the country, but especially in the state of Bahia, people sell these ribbons; and people come from all over the country just to tie them to the gates of the church. Brazil is a culture of bright colours, and the brightness of the ribbons is a clear reflection of how much we value light and colour, both inside and out.