September 24, 2020

Looking around us now, on reflection, should we have been so quick to turn our back on him?

Anna Devine, 52

Do you remember the familiar sound of clinking glass bottles on your doorstep? That was a time when we valued community and the humble reliability of the modest milkman. He brought the freshness to our morning cuppa, took away and re-used our empties and never complained about the early morning runs. The cat that got the cream loved him and bairns across the land were told ‘yer the milkman’s bairn’ in jest. Come rain or shine the milkman delivered. He represented good old fashioned values and he served his community with pride. This painting is in honour of The Milkman and the values of that era – community, pride, modesty, servitude and a non ‘throw away’ society.

The Milkman, Acrylic