Oil paintO’ Gnashing Teeth Of The Earth, 2020

The word loneliness holds negative connotations, even in a room full of people an individual can feel lonely. However, solitude is simply being by yourself, without company. It’s in solitude that we are faced with ourselves and our true thoughts. But if we don’t like the thoughts we experience, or enjoy our own company, a feeling of loneliness is present. “you cannot be lonely if you like the person you are alone with” Dr- Wayne Dyer The isolation brought on by the pandemic has taught me the necessity of learning how to be on my own, without feeling lonely. I think we are all often guilty of using other people, social media and other distractions as ways to avoid our fear of being alone, and our discomfort with sitting with ourselves. I made this painting ‘O’ Gnashing Teeth of the Earth’ depicting a single figure, on their own throughout a day. Morning, noon, and night, doing simple activities alone. Drinking coffee in the morning, spending time in nature in the afternoon, meditating at night. I made it as a reminder that there can be happiness found in the simplest of tasks as well as a feeling of joy in solitude.