July 22, 2020

Logic or Passion?

Georgina Parbrook

Ensemble and Nemo, 2020

Logic or Passion? To create, you must be passionate, but to survive, you must have a certain degree of logic. As I explored this question throughout my novella, I found that two other contrasts are the same as Logic vs. Passion, just with a different name. Logic keeps us held in a civilisation. It stops us from running wild and endangering ourselves. Passion allows us to view beauty in the world around us, differentiating ourselves from animals. Civilisation vs. Nature. From a young age we are told that we can be whatever we want to be. As children, we live in a realm of imagination, dreaming of becoming astronauts or explorers. When we grow up, logic is prized instead, and we become office workers, ditching our dreams. Childhood vs. Adulthood. In reality, it is not as simple as choosing one or another. We are always somewhere in the middle. Exactly where we are changes as we accumulate experiences, and these changes happen frequently for teenagers as we prepare to leave the cosy confines of childhood and break out into the terrifying world of adulthood. We cannot live without Logic, just as we cannot live without Passion.