November 30, 2019

Listen to the wind blowing – can you hear it growing?

Dorje Khandro Dawid | Mandy Haggith, 53

AudioSongline, 2019

Visitors to Inverewe Garden on Scotland’s north-west coast come to see a lush paradise, created in an otherwise seemingly barren land. But even at the edge of the world there is no escape from the effects of climate change, over-consumption, militarisation and greed. After several weeks in residence in the garden, we felt that it was crying out to be seen as part of a bigger, global picture and the very land had stories that needed to be heard. We are humans who care about stories and about trees. We care about this planet and all its creatures. We care about life. So, inspired by the traditional ‘songline’ walking maps of Australian Aboriginals we created our own songline – an audio tour created to enhance visitors’ appreciation of the garden, but also to gently unravel some uncomfortable truths, step-by-gentle-step through the sublime landscape. Leading people along paths of local legend, botany, folklore, history and song, our songline helps visitors question the way the environment, history and folklore of Inverewe are valued. Simply, slowly, hopefully, the songline moves us together towards a sense of urgency for renewal of our relationship with this beautiful earth.