July 29, 2021


Corrine Marshall

Experimental Film'Lights...Camera...Re-Action?', 2021

My interest lies within film’s capacity to engage art and viewer through bodily responses, exploring the ways Experimental filmmakers evoke the sense of touch onscreen. My practice collages Haptic and Traumatic techniques to document crisis by recycling found footage and re-enactment to answer the question of how we may experience physical sensations through digital mediums in an ever growing reliance on technology as this has been especially made evident throughout the current pandemic. Moreover, by confronting themes of child abuse and violence against women within the film industry, my work draws attention to the impact such trauma has on the body. My motivation in uncovering such issues derives from my life growing up in a religious cult and experiencing the damaging effects such control has on members’ childhoods and social/family networks. By correlating religious repression with female coercion in today’s media, I hope to raise awareness of the destructive hold such institutions bestow upon those who choose to remain or break free.