August 14, 2020

Life is a question mark? isn’t it?

Charles Teckham-Frazer

Mystery, 2020

Not knowing what life is about brings humans together. It instils the need to communicate with each other. As a result, we form communities and share ideas. Looking for the answer to the question of life, drives humans to create their own understanding of what life means on a spiritual, physical, emotional and artistic level. We might never find the answers we are looking for, but that’s the beautiful thing. It’s okay. Not having all the answers allows us to use our imagination. Mystery is a song that explores the age-old question. It is viewed through the prism of a dysfunctional couple who deeply love each other. The music parodies modern society using a mixture of digital and organic performance. The bass and lead guitars were played in one unedited take and thread through a digital mixture of Sci-fidelic Slum ‘n’ Bass.