January 31, 2020

Last Samurai Samuels?

Fergus Russell, 52

It’s a portrait of my friend Christopher Samuels who at the time was setting up a Japanese sword fighting group, or dojo if you like, and asked me to draw a logo for his website. Out of all the sketches that I did for roughs/moodboards, this one always grabbed me and I painted it on canvas later. The pattern on the left of the painting is ment to be the handle of a Samurai sword, with the twisted ribbon. What I see in the work is Christopher’s steely eyed determination to get his dream off the ground and his own input to have a logo that could work in colour and black and white, and that had a kind of fluidity of a Japanese ink painting. For me now it reminds me of how one’s dreams don’t always come true but you shouldn’t feel bitter…you’ve gotta give it a go…regret nothing!

Samuel San, Acrylic on canvas60×90cm