July 20, 2022

Landscape / Portrait: Returning some woodland victims of climate change to their correct angles)

Jessie Growden

Pencils on paperLandscape / Portrait ,

These coloured pencil drawings are part of an ongoing wider project, examining an ancient woodland in the Scottish Borders, which was extensively damaged during storm Arwen in 2019. Part video-based work and partly a series of drawings, the project will document the year following the storm in this place. The drawing in itself is a search for the correct angle, one which re-aligns the trees fallen, and questions the structure of the woodland. The shapes of this place are being changed by extreme weather events caused by climate change, and over the year, the trees are pushing back by continuing to grow. Trees still standing form a now horizontal backdrop to the central Ash and Douglas Firs within the composition. The native British Ash tree, now terminally threatened by Ash Dieback in 33 / January is dusted with snow, reminiscent of a shroud, but a dead tree can harbour more living material in fungi and lichen than a live one, so maybe all is not quite lost, and spring will come around soon.