August 1, 2020

Land or sea?

Michael Steele, 43

This is an acrylic painting of Newhaven harbour in Edinburgh. I live not far from there. I have lived in Leith for some years now. The painting is from a photo my friend took, it was late evening going into night time. Some of the boats are working boats. The way they are tilted in the harbour is like they are between land and sea. Using water based paint to paint water, I find there is a kind of similar situation for the painter in that respect. The flow of time seems tilted like the boats. I like the idea of a physicist called David Bohm. In his book wholeness and the implicate order he talks of the wholeness of holograms and paintings. How each mark contains the whole painting. I tried to allude to that.

Tilted boats, Acrylic27 by 23.5 cm. Acrylic on card.