March 9, 2020

Land of The Free?

Alex Lyall, 18

Is this what freedom looks like? This was a picture I took on a trip to Australia. This signifies that we will all one day be free, the sweet release of death. This shows that birds and humans are held to the ground by gravity or a cage. The idea was that to be free, we must set ourselves free. Forgive ourselves. The significance of empty cages shows freedom & forgiveness. This is a choice that bird owners make either to free their companion or keep them locked in a cage forever. So too, do humans. We are tied to ourselves, we are only free if we let ourselves to be. This is important because it acts as a reminder that we can be free, we can live on in hearts and souls. This is also important because it can remind others that they do not have to be caged in ones mind, wether it be our own or someone else’s. This also relates to a time I was in a rather toxic relationship, not the best decision… After leaving them… I felt free, at peace, I can do Anything and everything imaginable! The best decision was leaving this person.