January 31, 2020

Know where is home?

Finlay Marshall


Scotland has always been a country of divide and duality. Yes or no, left or right, east or west. Whether it is politics, religion or your postcode there is a side chosen for you. This composition explores time spent living between each side of the country, starting in the West coast and ending in Edinburgh. A collection of field recordings, voice memos and home demos have been tuned and arranged into a chronological narrative to personify the journey of travelling west to east. The sounds span from over four years and reflect personal memories from each end. Recordings of nature, transport, street performers, festivals, friends and family are all mixed into an ambient conceptual sonic story. The composition progresses into a dissonant discomfort as the differences of east and west clash until a symbiotic realisation of organic and electronic harmonies cascade into a soundscape of textures from the city and the country side. The main theme of this piece surrounds the questioning of where home really is. Is it where you were raised? Is it where you were told? Or is it just a piece of land marked by a border?