June 2, 2020

Just how far can our amazing imaginations take us ?

Willow May

Acrylics paintsThe mad world of the mushroom people!, 202039x59 inches

My question is “How far can our amazing imaginations take us?” What I just love it how silly our imagination can get! And what silliness we can come up with! I came up with this with my son. We thought about creating a new type of “people”. Want to make people with a single wheel for legs that can still climb a ladder with their stick thin arms?! Do it! ..I did it! Make a world where in a fly agaric home, where there is no visible way for the wee man to get to the top of the fungi… do it! …I did it! To make a world where a rabbit-eared, snapping-turtle-type-headed creature floated on balloons to eat wee people who lived in a magic mushroom world… do it! I did it. You get my point! I love art so much, there are no rules. Being self taught, I may not have the techniques but that doesn’t matter, what matters is that I am filled with joy and excitement as create with my imagination that can take me and my paintbrush further every day. And I can gaze upon it daily and laugh!