June 5, 2020

Just because I’m tiny or unseen – am I no less important?

Gill Williams, 58

I photograph the rivers, lochs and coastline of the Isle of Skye. I photograph the creatures and plants beneath the surface that are not seen by the public. I am trying to make sure that not seen is not forgotten. I like to introduce people to my subjects, showing that they all play such an important part in the underwater kingdom no matter how big or how small and that they all deserve the efforts of us humans to protect them from the threats of pollution and global warming. I get up close and personal with jellyfish to prove that they don’t just sting, that they are actually beautiful gentle creatures. I am trying to change how people think about this alien world. It is a secret garden and so needs protecting right now. That’s my message.

Just because I am tiny or unseen - am I no less important, 2020Photography