October 27, 2014

John Doe

Kathryn Russell


My entry is 8 photos of homeless people living in Edinburgh. When I was out and taking my photographs, it amazed me how many people turned to look at someone interacting with a homeless person, only to ignore them when I moved on. When looking at my photographs, I want others to have a sense of empathy for what I experienced and what those I interacted with experience on a day-to-day basis. I wanted my photographs to communicate the need to persevere with fighting poverty, to not ignore these people and to address the fact that unless we can do something about this in our own hometown, we have no hope of helping people in other countries. Looking at my photographs, I cannot help but feel somewhat optimistic. Having the chance to photograph the homeless in Edinburgh has been a very enlightening experience for me, and I am honoured to have had the chance to meet and converse with them.


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