July 31, 2020

Jist why can we know all be treated da same, as Jock Tamson’s bairns?

Joyce Davies

Acrylic paint, graphite stick, screenprinting (4 images)My family are aw Jock Tamson's bairns., A2 and A4

Coming fae a family with baith black and white folk the pain of da images o violence against folk of colour pains my heart. I wis born in Glasgow but have lived on da Shetland Islands for over fifteen years. My family live all over da world, many ages, many accents, many religions and nane, many skin colours. But underneath all that we are da same family. Ne wan o us is better dan any eidder o us. Nae biddy is superior in ony way. I did these paintings over lockdown and wis greatly influenced by the death o George Floyd. Wan o my paintings here is of him to celebrate his life. The others reflect the lives of people of colour. As a white woman It can feel difficult as a artist to paint folk that look as if they are fae a very different culture, these folk are no. These are my folk, my friends, my history too.. The youngest member of my family is a peerie lass of jist one year old, she is a black New Yorker, her mam a white Scottish woman and her daddy an Afro-American fae da deep south. This is my family.