June 24, 2020

January: the girl sleeping opposite on the train. Will I ever know such freedom to travel again?

Annette Berman, 75

This image is a continuous reminder of the wonderful freedom to travel that we have all have lost since the event of lockdown. We were on a train journey at Christmas, travelling home from a happy festive stay with our daughter and family. It is unbelievable to think that shortly after this recent trip our whole world suddenly changed. As the country is now making it’s first tentative moves towards normality, we will be shielding in our house for a very long time. My husband is a recipient of a new liver and has a suppressed immune system. Everything has changed for us. The beautiful girl, sitting opposite us, across the table in the train during our three hour journey, sitting so close, afforded me ample time me to study her. I loved the way the fur trim on her hood framed and partially hid her face. This is a drawing in pastel, produced a few weeks into lockdown. The image has become for me a symbol of our lost freedom.

The girl on the train, 2020Pastels on cartridge42cmx47cm