August 3, 2021

It’s Normal to Strive to Live Life in the Limelight, to Be Fully Visible in the World and to Extend Outwards into Life, but Is It Possible to Live a Rich and Full Life in the In Between Spaces? Is There Beauty, Wisdom and Value Within a Life That Resists Speed, Going Back to ‘Normal’ and Stress Based Living?

Jack Webb

FilmLike Stone, 2021

Like Stone is a film based work that explores the concept of my normality, commissioned by the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival in May 2021. Working with dance, choreography, editing and sound, Like Stone brings attention to the moment of the in between, to waiting, to biding time. While the world has always rushed by, has forced us to move faster than we can, I have often tried to hold steady, to resist, to stay softly in the in between space, sometimes voluntarily, sometimes when there is no other choice. Like Stone invites the viewer to consider that this is allowed, that this is possible, that standing steady like stone is normal and possible. It is an invitation to resist going back to ‘normal’ post Covid in the way that others may want us to, to resist the pull of fear, speed and productivity. It is an invitation to hold on to our own normal, to stand steady and bide time, like stone.