January 9, 2021

It Is Truly Possible To Be Able To Listen &; Empathise To Three Sides Of One Story?

Amelia Jones

ScreenplayThe Obiter, 2021

The concept of my script was borne from a conversation I had with friends, surrounding the nepotism of judgement. It became apparent to me that many of life’s factors make it nigh impossible to listen to a story without personal prejudice playing a significant role.

Whether that be loyalty, gender politics, personal life experience or otherwise, can we really listen to another’s story with pure empathy?

It was this question that inspired me to write a script using a tri-narrative. Love triangles are a tale as old as time, from Shakespeare to Dickens, Beckett to Pinter, the most celebrated writers have penned stories of great passion and betrayal.

The ‘love affair’ is a topic of which we never tire, and I was interested to uncover why this was the case. Although I was doubtful about the chances of an audience being able to wholly separate themselves from an ongoing storyline, I was curious enough to try and discover where our moral boundaries lie. A former director of mine once said, “when it comes to the power that love holds over us all, can anyone be held truly accountable for their actions?” This is what I set out to discover.