March 6, 2020

It Can’t Happen Here…..?

Jody Curtis, 40

Apathy. This derivative state we encounter everyday, gently erodes the edges of our ethics and values, evokes exasperated and exhausted shoulder shrugs, but often little else. It scares me how, small individual acts of apathy can grow to a collective sleepwalk into gradual nuanced destruction of socio-political order, ourselves and our environment, and we may barely have time to register it. But we know it can. It’s happened, is happening…it’s there, you see it!? Disguising familiar, comforting, everyday British iconic imagery in an aesthetically pleasing manner, my hope is to tempt the audience in, for a sumptuous bite of the apple, before tasting it’s rottenness. By employing dystopian texts, (excerpts from The Handmaid’s Tale, in this instance), an acid bitten colour palette, industrious imagery, juxtaposed with natural beauty; I want to invite the viewer to witness the insidiousness of apathy and what it will cost us . Our rights, our liberty, our ecosystem. We will simply slip into an ugly otherworldliness, with a sense of injustice and betrayal at what has been done to us ..… but of course it’s ok really, because, that couldn’t happen here.(?)

It Couldn't Happen Here...?, 2019Mixed media50cmx50cm