July 8, 2020

Isn’t This What Each Of Us Does?

Robert Wylie, 62

Isn’t This What Each Of Us Does? These thirteen poems explore the dilemmas of my personal growth while ageing within the contexts of a long-distance relationship and a chronic, degenerative condition, labeled by society as a disease. Primarily, therefore, alone. Aloneness heightened by isolation necessitated by Covid-19. I do not want to regret or dwell on the loss of past capabilities. I don’t want to engage in a battle in which the traditional cards predict defeat. I am trying to view this transition as a natural progress in maturing. Neither a denial nor an acceptance of my state but a reframing of it as a transformation that opens as well as closes doors, allowing me to play in different boxes. Self-isolation turned out to be an unexplored and fruitful box. And if denial and acceptance represent my personal scales, then I am not looking for a static equilibrium but rather a productive overall balance created out of a series of imbalances. These ideas provide a framework for choosing how to live and work towards an accommodation of sorts to play the best game I can with the unknown hand I’ve been dealt. Isn’t this what all of us do?

Unknown Hand, 2020Poetry