January 31, 2020

Isn’t this Paradise?

Eve McDougall-Page | Davina Turner, 16 | Hannah Pert, 18

Isn't This Paradise?, 20201920×1080 px

A group of friends, living in an area referred to as ‘deprived’, join together to tackle an issue: Poverty. With a cracked iPhone, a dated laptop, and some cheap editing software we set out to create a narrative too often overlooked. We set out to represent our reality. We invite you into a world unseen; silenced sparks and broken streets we are prescribed to walk through. Collectively, we aim to display the effects of poverty from a critical and realistic view point, our viewpoint. And critically, pave a road for those who too feel lost in this way of living. We want to create a discussion more than numbers on how society could better itself by refusing to accept stale mindsets and apathy from our future-makers. We are just the statistics. But we three each have our own lives and goals, generalised by a parliament of laughs and animal sneers fired with disgust. In their eyes, we are “unloved and undisciplined children who are more likely to become hoodies, neets, and mug you on the street corner” and to this we all feel lost – isn’t this paradise?