Laser-cut, Artificially-Aged SteelRemote/Far Away, 202196x99cm - Sign Only (approx 110x200cm Including Signpost)

What makes us remote?

On these apparently distant islands, away from the hum of urban life. Is it the fact that we don’t have access to 24 hour supermarkets? Our lack of cinemas and nightclubs maybe? Or is it just that you consider us to be remote because we are so far from where you live your daily lives? Because remoteness is subjective.

You can caveat and categorise as much as you like but, ultimately, in order to define somewhere as ‘remote’ we must define somewhere else as ‘central’. And who gets to make that decision?

Remote/Far Away was created in response to the oft uttered question from those visiting our islands who struggle to comprehend the physical and psychological distance between our lives in small communities on offshore islands and their own daily existence in the urban sprawl, failing to recognise that what is ‘remote’ to them may be central to us. Remote/Far Away was temporarily installed on an abandoned signpost at Feolin Ferry, Isle of Jura, in spring 2021 – an uninhabited location chosen specifically to challenge visitors perceptions of the island and its community of 250 people as they arrived and departed.