January 26, 2020

Is your universe the same as mine?

Catherine McClure, 55

I have spent the past few years on a path of spiritual discovery and inquiry into the meaning of existence, not getting anywhere fast I might add. I started this installation as a means to explore my universe without a firm idea of how it would look. The project developed organically and I allowed whatever bubbled up from my subconscious to be expressed. This is the result. During the construction, I questioned the nature of “the multiverse” and the possibility of it being both an external and internal concept. The installation begins and ends with spiral designs which are omnipresent in nature, from our DNA to spiral galaxies. They symbolise spiritual development and our journey into ourselves. The spirals bookend 17 mosaic squares representing my perception of my universe, others would have no doubt represented their universe differently. They also open out to the possibility of something beyond. Overall, this story goes from the macrocosm of the possibility of multiple universes and the creation of ours, to the microcosm of the spiritual qualities I believe are fundamental to our existence. The public nature of the artwork’s location has already stimulated discussions with passing neighbours and strangers about meaning and existence.

My Universe, 2019Mosaic0.8 metres x 22 metres