February 26, 2019

Is your repression worth your non-expression?

Georgia Grinter


Mother and daughter, sit round a table talking but not communicating.

They urge to say things to one another without discussing the elephant in the room, using a crossword as a source of language, avoiding any personal matters of the heart. Words cross the space between them but not quite connecting, maintaining an indirect and minimal sense of closeness.

I am interested in the contrasts and varied difficulties embedded in different upbringings or generations, to be able to have the freedom to discuss family issues or disagreements without fear of bad reaction.

I feel a deep sadness squashed underneath this weight of pride to be strong, from which I see the opposite like a heavy weakness. I believe the strongest act people can do in this world is face their conditioned fears to hold repressed emotion and express themselves clearly.

Admitting to it’s possible triviality and perhaps child like passion but being open to its power. The word ‘consequence’ has all too often been used negatively to install fear into action, however without it, how do we learn and change? The more we refuse and pretend, the more ignorant we become.


Cross Words
Biro on Paper
13 x 21cm