Oil on CanvasIs Your Name Here?, 202136 x 36"

I’m a recovered addict who, like many women, has experienced sexual assault, domestic abuse. Like many women, I’ve experienced these things more than once. Some perpetrators have been prosecuted. Some not. Abuse and the legal system around it, makes you feel powerless. The line between “she said / he did” is a black haze of doubt. The latest incident I experienced was earlier this year. I tore up a lot of work. I felt unable, unwilling, to create the happier pieces I had been painting. Art allows me to have power over my chosen medium. It allows me to express what I cannot verbalise. This piece is how I feel about those men. Of that system. The light section is now, it’s the wee moments of normality, of peace in my head. It’s things changing and the millions of women saying “we’re not taking this anymore”. There’s abstract coastline in there. It’s a place I feel safe. Relief. The dark section? I’ve scrawled my perpetrators’ names and painted over them again and again. Buried in black. Will they ever see this work and think “F*** – is my name there?” It’s not nice to feel powerless, is it?