March 18, 2020

Is your identity built on what we see in the media?

Emily Chan

Performance/VideoYou Lie All The Time, 2020

Performance/video art piece “You Lie All The Time”, discusses themes of consumerism and identity. The project started as I turned 20 when I began to reflect on my adolescence and figure out what influenced me as a child. I was inspired by the magazines I used to stick all over my bedroom walls because they reflected my interests and influenced the person I dreamt to become. I then started to question the sorts of thoughts surrounding me as a result of these images of models and celebrities. “Would I be prettier if I looked more like them?” “Am I fat?”, “Makeup can cover my flaws, right?”, “Can I have what she’s wearing?.”, “Why can’t I look like her?”. Throughout research and development, I then decided on my performance piece. I recreated a nostalgic installation of my bedroom and performed as my younger self, applying make up to make viewers question if consumerism affects our identity. Is consumerism toxic or can it inspire us to strengthen our identity? Is your identity built on what we see in the media?