January 29, 2020

Is your heart listening?

Pàl Ó’ Siadhail

Audiobook, Paperback,EbookWonder and The Medicine Wheels – A Rainbow Warrior’s Tale, 2018

To listen to no-one when it comes to your own ideas about your path in life is perhaps foolish. Those that fulfilled their own inner-calling would say that it is wise. I think we all share an inner-calling, I think that most of us ignore it because the horizon from which it springs is terrifying and unfamiliar to us. The thought of insecurity, at any level, is definitely disturbing to the human. I followed my own inner-calling from a very young age. Needless to say nothing has worked out the way I imagined it would… not even close! Do I regret not listening to anyone? Do I regret listening to my own inner-calling? Not for a minute! My journey from being a professional footballer and DJ, to discovering a love for ancient languages and writing would not of happened if I had not listened to the call. My self-narrated audiobook explores the mysterious journey of listening to your inner-calling.