July 30, 2021

Is Your Alarm Clock Your Dinner?

Ellie Hamilton

EmbroideryIs Your Alarm Clock Your Dinner?, 202114x1.5 inches

Meat eating is a normal part of life and culture for many. Growing up on a beef farm I was no more exposed to the endorsement of meat eating than any other child. Having never been fond of meat I was always interrogated in regards to vegetarianism. This usually came from male figures, desperate for an answer to why I refused meat. It always felt aggressive when male figures asked me these questions, despite them being in favor of killing for consumption. The ‘sexual politics of meat’ is still very much alive and kicking. The process of sewing each and every individual bead to create the rooster was like an active depiction of the ever decreasing time that we have to change the way we live to benefit ourselves and nature. Every bead was time going away slowly, a picture of the future being made simultaneously alongside the rooster in the real world. Each tiny bead was like a homage to a butchered animal. The needle and thread hangs in the piece and it is declared finished. I’m trying to prioritize making a prettier picture of the future by raising awareness of and changing the way we live and consume.