March 8, 2020

Is unity possible between the ununifiable?

Jack Allen, 22

The thematic idea of the conflict between man and nature is particularly focused on in FLIT. SPOILERS ahead – At the start of the film, viewers are hopefully egging on Carl to squash the fly with all his might, getting wrapped up in the theatrics of the elaborate weapons that he use. However, as the film progresses, we start to see the marvels and intricacies that a simple fly might be capable of. Audiences are invited to experience this change alongside the protagonist, Carl, through the film – until it comes to a head at the end when Carl makes the ultimate gesture of peace to fly-kind; turning himself into a fly. The transformation from man to fly is crucial – as the film introduces the idea that an entire person could be behind the simple creature of a fly. The idea behind this is to encourage audiences to marvel at nature, and find new value in it and it’s creations. In a time when nature needs us to see this more than ever, I hope FLIT gets this across – not in a manner that fills us with dread and despair, but one of hope and humour.

FLIT, 2019Short Film1920x1080