April 29, 2020

Is toothpaste just minty paint?

Fyfe Daly, 20

I have began to obsess over the idea of portraying my interaction with the everyday, what I really focus on when I sit at my desk or make a tea, and how my mind fills in the gaps from a memory. The further I broke down my interaction into individual ideas of perspective, the less there was of a narrative or function to what I was doing. I found that by allowing my art practice to be about the everyday I became so consumed by my work that I was unable to switch off and preform commonplace routine without over analysing and frying my brain. In this work of me brushing me teeth I try and show that even the everyday task of human maintenance became so much about my art practice that having clean teeth was irrelevant to the story.

Brushing My Teeth, 2020Clay, Steel, MDF, Oil paint, Bath mat, Paint brush