April 28, 2021

‘Is Time Spent Away From Home Necessary For Mental Stability And Enlightenment?’

Jaye Baillie

Acrylic Paint On CanvasCampers Paradise, 202014 x 18 inch

Detriment has been felt by thousands throughout the past year due to the COVID-19 lockdown. Through the pent up stress throughout confinement, this piece aims to provide a visual reference encapsulating the outdoor exploration and visual difference necessary for humans to sustain positive mental health and enlightenment. How can a species as complex as the human, be content when caged like Zoo animals? As humans, exploration and novelty is necessary to our sustained development in life. How can one live in a world worth exploring, yet not explore? We have the tools to explore, the drive to explore, the physicality to explore- but during 2019/2020 we lacked the ability to explore- and this detriment been reflected through the mental unrest felt by those contained- including myself as an artist, who seeks exploration to the hearts core.