January 16, 2020

Is this what I feel and see is real?

Kike Pawlik, 34

Writing is the place I express myself in the most honest way. We are living in time where communication is based on images. Most of population use social media for all different reasons. People share their lives, using an idea to simply post images of themselves and stuff they did or ate during the day. All they want is to get ‘likes’. There is a strange lack of verbal communication with people you ‘follow’. Most people lose patience to read something that is longer then a paragraph. There is a ‘drop a short message’ or ‘leave a comment’ under the picture. So when people try to find a deeper conversation, very often they will find a rejection or misunderstanding, because not everyone wants to know how you feel and what you think. That’s why I think writing is so important, especially surrounding yourself with poetry. Sometimes people can’t express the depth of their feelings and thoughts, because they can’t find a proper words.

Moon Child, 2019