September 3, 2019

Is this what healing feels like?

Hannah Louise MacFarlane

PoetryUndertow, 2019

My piece explores my relationship with love and intimacy after abusive and toxic experiences within my past. It ponders on healing, recounting experiences and examining war wounds for fragments of hope. It looks at my relationship with trauma and invites it to dinner with passion, faith, and falling in love. My writing questions if these things can exist at the same time, and underpins the hope that exists within the realm of allowing healing to occur in the place of holding onto painful and toxic experiences. It is aimed to be a tool of strength, a reminder of the brutality of assault and the acceptance that should exist around processing that trauma, but also a self reflexion on the growth and self development required for coming out of the other side, being able to love, and being able to love love again.