March 10, 2021

‘Is This The New Normal’?

April A


Interior comfort is a sculptural investigation which vigorously tests the limits of materials and objects found within a household setting, in conjunction with more industrial processes or traditional art materials. An exploration of domestic spaces within the confides of lockdown. Drawing into question the body and our situation amidst the build environment, as we begin to venture outside after a prolonged period of indoor living. Layering of material, and leaving the touch of the body very visible within the work, the crumpling, smearing, pasting on-Disseminating ideas of comfort as well as that of displacement. For me the importance of the work comes from its ability to embody creativity in a time of restrictions and limitations. Thinking about what art making really is out with an educational or studio setting. Working within the confides of sculpture as well as remaining interested in the disciplines of drawing and painting.