Graphite PencilThe Powers That Be, 2018A2 Paper

My drawing touches on social issues and how ‘The Powers that be’ play a pivitol role in the rise or demise of us as humans in todays society.
The old boot is a metaphor for life as a whole. We have different people from all walks of life trying to rise up and climb up in this game of life yet are being cut down before they barely start.

It represents the working person in a suit for example yet Universal Credit makes it impossible to to earn as they should.
It represents the mother with baby on back trying to work around family without being cut down.
It represents the homeless sleeping on the street yet the hierarchy are a the very top looking down.
It represents ‘closing the blinds’ to poverty with the emphasis on child poverty where the children can be seen fighting over scraps and drinking the dregs of a milk bottle.
It represents the ex veterans and the disabled who are affected by today’s ‘system’ and the misery they have to endure with benefit freezes and caps and so on.
It represents the difficulties endured by societies most vurnerable that could be fixed by ‘The Powers That Be’.