Acrylic and Mixed MediaElectro Spark, 202036x36 inches

Social Distancing measures have led to a massive rise in people feeling isolated, fearful and depressed. This piece was originally going to be incredibly dark, reflecting my mood as we entered into lockdown; however, as I was painting (which always gives me an opportunity to clear my head), I came to realise that dwelling on the negative is not how we are going to thrive during this time. I began introducing more freedom to my movement and brush strokes. My mood lightened with the introduction of colour and breaking through the darkness of the original piece. The addition of mixed media brought an element of chaos and unpredictability, which I also felt was important. We are in a time where we have limited control, and I wanted to create a piece which demonstrates that good can still come from unpredictability. Being isolated, I absolved myself of the pressure of what other people thought of me and this was a real source of inspiration. Painting during isolation gave me immunity from judgement from others, but also from myself. I will carry this mentality forward and apply it to everything I do.