Embroidery. Oil.HER Too, 202025cm (h)x 31cm(w) and 26cm (h) x 46cm (w)

Is this how it’s meant to feel? ‘HER Too’ is an art project based on being diagnosed with breast cancer at the height of the Coronavirus pandemic. These art works, on vinyl used for NHS hospital chairs, are a ‘diary’ about my own experience, from diagnosis, to surgery, to radiotherapy, to medication, to an interest in tattoos some women have post surgery. The works are also a distillation of the emotional roller-coaster: Fear of the diagnosis, ‘relief’ it was to be surgery, fear that it might have spread, ‘how long’ would I have/to wait to find out? – fear and hope intermingled during a time of uncertainty (cancer and Covid) sitting, waiting in the Western General hospital, socially distanced, all of us anonymous in our masks. Post surgery on waking up only ‘bruised’ and pain free my first thought: ‘Is this how it’s meant to feel?’ A question that I had asked myself with every appointment and procedure. HER Too is a therapeutic diary, enabling me to step out and be an interested observer. Title ref: HER2 a gene that can play a role in the development of breast cancer.