July 5, 2020

Is this how it feels to win?

Saima Yasmine Hussain, 17

I feel like for many people nowadays to win, to be proud and happy is restricted to money and material status. My personal perspective on ‘being a winner’ is based on the things we get to live, feel and experience daily. As love, the passion we have for certain things, the people in our lives and the million of little things we’ve been blessed with that we almost never think about. Therefore, I wanted to express my personal concept of what being a winner is by pointing out the vivid colours that we are blessedly surrounded by contrasting the black, static background. Also the people who are holding each other to represent the affection, love and our loved ones. The white drops of paint on the background are meant to be interpreted as fireworks, as fireworks are a symbol for wealth and happiness which I used in my painting to show the victory and happiness of the people in the middle.

The winners, 2020Acrylic paint and spray paint90cm x 90cm