January 31, 2022

Is This Being Ostentatious?

Catherine Verlaque

AcrylicShop until you drop!, 202160/90 cms

Is this being ostentatious?

Or is this woman by spending her wealth on luxury goods, and eating out , being a generous benefactor. When you look at all the people down the line that are in employment because of her wealth. Look closely at her simple coffee and cake at the cafe. The coffee beans have to be picked then processed then shipped. (1) How many people pay for that?

Her cake needs ingredients from a farm,eggs flour milk etc .They need to be distributed to the baker ,who in turn uses equipment and fuel to cook them. (2)How many people pay for that?

The cafe can continue to buy crockery etc and pay for staff.(3) How many people pay for that?

And finally her luxury purchase, a beautiful perfume from YSL . All the ingredients have to be sourced and harvested then processed into perfume then boxed then drivers distribute them..(4) How many people pay for that ?

As you can see if it was not for wealthy people spending their wealth so many people would lose their jobs. Have I made you think? Good!