May 8, 2021

‘Is This A Fine Spring Day On The Aberdeenshire Coast?’

Fiona Forrest Boyle

Oil On Canvas PanelIs This A Fine Spring Day On The Aberdeenshire Coast?, 202120x20cm

The work is a recently painted oil on canvas panel, communicating the subtlety of variations in darker tones on a clear spring day on the North East coast, amid a life threatening family health crisis. As a former Clinical Psychologist now describing emotion through paint in expressive muted style, the work was executed when sea and sky were at their fairest whereas the painting takes on unintentionally deeper nuanced hues. This reflects the tumultuous concerns preoccupying the artist in relation to care of a loved family member with a serious neuropsychological diagnosis. It is a small work but explores the complexity of the artist’s turmoil with sensitivity and balance. The artist was mindful of the location being near the coastline of Joan Eardley’s mesmerizing works, painted while she managed internal struggles with depression and later debilitating physical illness. The darker paint strokes, while not describing the full radiance of the day, suggest the artist’s fascination with boundaries in creating new hues of ultramarine in this case, contrasting with a warmer burnt sienna underpainting. This tension is ultimately hopeful, representing importantly the value of diversity in nature including ourselves and our abilities to seek humane, dignified, and enduring solutions.