January 31, 2020

Is there value in digital copies?

Alice Martin

Contemporary Art ExhibitionCTRL C, 2019

The exhibition CTRL C explores the value of the copy and how it can enhance experience through the idea of a remixed museum collection. For the show, I created a new body of work based on a range of museum and gallery pieces from several online archives. The original works are transformed and curated in order to showcase an altered collection. CTRL C consists of various 3D outputs that have been reworked from existing material, the recreations allow new meanings to be formed. I am attracted by the idea of displaying works outside of formal institutions. Through the exploration of open source 3D models and digital archives the notion of significance becomes apparent. The purpose of the work is not to educate but to enlighten the viewer, to allow the viewer to recollect and reminisce in a different way. This approach to making is important because it highlights how new media can make collections more accessible. Placing an image directly on to a 3D model adds context and narrative for the viewer. This project has been supported by Visual Artist and Craft Maker Awards: Forth Valley and West Lothian, and GOSSIP Collective.